Earn Cash and Get Free Gas

Most Common Questions

Where are my credits?

After you shop, use a coupon, or take a survey, it can take 2 to 60 days before your credits are posted to your account. The amount of time is dependent on the merchant or action taken (taking a survey, using a coupon).

If you would like to check or are concerned about your points, please use our “Missing Credits” request form and we will investigate.

How do I convert my credits into free gas?

Please note that you must first have $10 in credit before you can convert into a credit on the Sinclair Green Card or request a Sinclair Gift Card. The process is automated. When you hit $10 in free gas earned, you will receive an email asking if you'd like the credit applied to your Green Card or issued a gfit card.

How do I earn more DINORewards?

You can earn DINORewards by doing any of the following:
  • 1) Shop Online – take advantage of the deals that we have and shop at your favorite brands. A percentage of your spend is rewarded back to you in DINORewards.
  • 2) Coupons – we have hundreds of dollars in savings on everyday grocery items. Every day you come in a print at least one coupon, we will give you DINORewards.
  • 3) Surveys – give us your opinion and we will give you DINORewards as a thank you. Check back often as our surveys are updated regularly.

How do I earn DINORewards by referring my friends and family?

Go to: Share and Earn. Enter email addresses for your friends, co-workers, family, or any acquaintance and an email will be sent to invite them to join. You will receive a reward equal to 10% of their total DINORewards earned. So if your friend earns $50 in DINORewards, you will receive $5 in your DINORewards account.

Do I receive DINORewards when I purchase Sinclair gas or other items at Sinclair stations?

No. DINORewards was created to offer Sinclair’s loyal customers an additional way to earn cash from everyday spending outside of making purchases at their brick and mortar stations. The program, therefore, does not aggregate purchases made directly at Sinclair. DINORewards customers are rewarded for purchases made outside of the Sinclair arena in order to give them a broader way to earn credits and cash back. The DINORewards program does link with Sinclair when it is time to redeem your DINORewards. Once you accrue DINORewards, they may be redeemed for a free Sinclair Gift card or transferred to pay your Sinclair Green card. Sinclair does have a Visa and an Green card that you may apply for separately if you wish to get discounts and credit for fill ups and other purchases made directly at Sinclair Gas Stations.

Reporting Issues with DINORewards

How do I report missing credits?

Please contact us at support@billaway.com.

How do I locate my order ID?

“Order ID” can also be referred to as "order confirmation number," or "order number”. It is the unique ID that can be found on the receipt or order confirmation when you make a purchase.

In situations where there are multiple shipments, you may have multiple Order IDs. In these cases, you will need to submit each Order ID.

If you booked travel, such as a hotel or air ticket, the order ID is the reservation confirmation number or itinerary number.

How do I know how many DINORewards, I have?

You can check the top right corner to see how many DINORewards you have earned.

About the Program

How do I earn more DINORewards?

[see above]

What is the Share and Earn DINORewards program?

[see above]

Do I need a membership card to use the program?

No. There are no more additional cards, and you can potentially use your already existing store loyalty cards to earn credits. We track your online spending, or the coupons you print or surveys you take, and deliver your credits to your account.

It is seamless and the credits should appear in your account within 2-60 days via the program. You shop, we track, it’s that easy! We do suggest you keep your receipts until you see the credits in your account.

How do I convert my DINORewards into a Sinclair gift card?

You can convert your DINORewards into a $10 Sinclair gift card once you have $10 in DINORewards. Once you reach the threshold, click the ‘Redeem’ tab, and then click 'Request a Sinclair Gift Card' on the left. You will then be asked to confirm your address of where to send the gift card. Once you have done this, you will receive an email confirming that your request is being processed and will receive your Sinclair gift card in about 2 weeks.

How do I pay my Sinclair Green Card bill?

To pay a bill, click on the 'Redeem' tab, then click on 'Make a Payment'. You then need to associate your account with your Sinclair Green Card account number. To do this, click on 'Add Account', enter your Sinclair Green Card number, then click 'Save'. Your information is now saved for future payments. To make the payment, click the ‘Pay’ button next your Sinclair Account. Then enter the invoice number if you have one and the amount you wish to pay the company. You will see a summary of the total amount along with any cash you have earned. Confirm the information and click ‘Pay’.